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Operation Rescue at Bastogne (August)


Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games (July-August)

Deployed a medical team as part of the federal response to the bombing. This was the team’s first deployment. Team members deployed to the Atlanta area to support the nation's counter-terrorism medical response.  The team combined with other DMATs to form strike teams that were deployable by ground or air to numerous locations.


Operation Patriot Medstar (June)


New York Ice Storm (January)

The team was deployed to Potsdam, New York, where 7 members of the team provided basic medical care to evacuees. The team was initially alerted on Saturday, January 10 shortly after the President declared the region to be a Disaster Area.  The 7 members, 1 Nurse, 1 Paramedic and 5 EMT's left Tuesday, January 11 and drove to Albany, New York.  From Albany, the team was deployed by FEMA to Potsdam, New York. Personnel performed mass care in community shelters.

Hurricane Georges (September)

Deployed a medical team to the Florida Keys as part of the response to the hurricane. Team was responsible for the following:

      • Re-opening Key West Hospital and caring for the injured.
      • Supplementing area emergency medical services.
      • Performing community outreach into remote locations.
      • Performing public health assessments in affected areas.


Operation Provide Refuge (July)

Deployed a medical unit and specialty personnel to provided medical evaluations and treatment to the refugees, as they arrived in the United States. Our team was responsible for constructing and making operational a medical triage and treatment area in an abandoned gymnasium and a critical care facility in an abandoned cafeteria in less than 24 hours. Additional medical personnel performed medical evaluations and vaccinations as part of the refugees’ entry into the country.

Hurricane Floyd (September)

Several strike teams from NJ-1 DMAT were deployed as part of the Federal Response. Members were deployed as medical units to the Southern Atlantic and Gulf Coast regions. Additional personnel staffed the federal field command posts. Additional team members participated as part of the local response once the storm affected New Jersey.

Hurricane Lenny (November)

Egypt Air Flight 990 (November)


Operation Sail (OpSail) (July)

Deployed a full field medical unit to Liberty State Park. Responsibilities included treatment for daily visitors, and as part of the mass care function of the federal response plan.

Republican National Convention (July)

Deployed medical and communications personnel. Medical personnel were deployed to key locations identified in the evacuation plan. Communications personnel were deployed to forward and main command posts of the federal response.


Presidential Inauguration (January)

Deployed members to supplement the medical response for a mass casualty incident. Medical personnel were deployed to key locations identified in the evacuation plan.  

State of the Union Address (February)

Tropical Storm Allison (June)

Operation Noble Eagle (September)

9/11 Attacks at the World Trade Center

Team was deployed to the World Trade Center on September 11. Initial assignment was to respond to Chelsea Pier, where we assisted the New York City Response prepare a mass triage and treatment facility. A task force was deployed to the collapse site to build and run the on site field morgue. A nursing task force was sent to the New York City Medical Examiners Office. The team’s pharmacists were tasked with obtaining, organizing and tracking pharmaceuticals and the National Pharmaceutical Stock Pile. Medical personnel established and staffed the forward medical operation.

New York City Anthrax Mission (October)

Deployed several medical personnel to triage, treat, and educate postal workers once anthrax was discovered at the Morgan postal facility. 8,000 workers were treated and medicated with in 48 hours.

United Nations General Assembly (November)



Salt Lake City Winter Olympic Games (February)

Deployed a medical strike team as part of the federal counter terrorism program. Medical personnel were divided and assigned to key locations identified in the evacuation plan as determined in the federal response plan.

Israeli Solidarity Rally (April)

Virginia Avian Influenza Outbreak (April)

Hurricane Lili (September)



Hurricane Isabel

With the course of the storm heading North, and other teams having been deployed to stage in the South. NJ-1 DMAT was held in state on stand-by. Logistics personnel were deployed locally to a FEMA warehouse to assist with equipment inventory and readiness.



Hurricanes Charlie, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne

These were full team deployments. The full team was deployed to the Orlando, Florida area. The original plan was for our team to staff a large special needs shelter in the Orange County Convention Center. This shelter was underused and our team was pulled out. NDMS leadership was now charting the course of Hurricane Ivan. With its course unknown, half the team was directed to a staging area in Atlanta, Georgia where they met up with other teams’ members.  The other half of our team was directed towards Pensacola, Florida. Several team members were selected from each group to supplement hospital staff at affected facilities.



Presidential Inauguration

A full team deployment with our basic load. Our team had two missions. The first was to stage and be ready for a mass casualty among the dignitaries present. The other mission was to treat visitors to the Capitol, who were present for the ceremony. The request for deployment came from the Office of the Attending Physician at the Capitol.

 Law Enforcement Memorial Ceremony  (May)

A medical strike team was deployed to provide medical care to the thousands of attendees to the Memorial ceremony. Due to weather conditions at the time, it was imperative that medical support be provided.

Hurricane Dennis

This was a non-full team deployment. Key Logistics personnel were deployed to the NDMS warehouse to transport equipment and medical supplies to North Carolina

Hurricane Katrina

This was not only a full team deployment but we were able to deploy two full teams on consecutive 14 day deployments. We were deployed to the Keesler AFB for staging. Our mission was to do daily community assessments and report back on needs of the communities. From these assessments, we assisted several local healthcare providers with shelter management, and did simple medical screenings at checkpoints for residents returning to damaged areas. This deployment also brought us to staff a field hospital on the grounds of Garden Park Hospital. Their hospital was severely damaged and unable to care for the needs of the local population. Our mission was complete when they were able to get on their feet. Hurricane Katrina was a Category 5 Hurricane.

Hurricane Rita

This deployment was put out as full team deployment but we were not able to field a whole team. NJ-1 went out the door with 20 members and was met by 17 members of NY-4. This combined team had a mission to relieve another DMAT at a fixed medical facility.  We were deployed to Christus St Patrick’s Medical Center in Lake Charles, LA. The entire facility had been evacuated except for the ER and OR. The facility’s ER was a Level II Trauma center and the only trauma center open in the area. With no inpatient areas available, the ER staff had to transfer anyone out who needed admission. On several occasions, with the assistance of one of our team doctors, the OR was opened for emergent needed surgery.  Our sleeping quarters were hospital beds and rooms.  Electricity and water became available as the deployment progressed.

Hurricane Wilma



State of the Union Address

Mardi Gras coverage for NOLA  (February, post-Katrina)

A six person medical strike team consisting of 3 RN’s, 2 Paramedics, and 1 Logistics specialist were deployed to New Orleans to support the Carolina Med-1 Trailer, a Mobile Emergency Department. The mission was to staff this Mobile Emergency Department for 14 days, 24 hours a day.  This deployment lasted almost 14 days.

Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Service  (May)

A medical strike team was deployed to provide medical care to the thousands of attendees to the Memorial ceremony. Due to weather conditions at the time, it was imperative that medical support be provided

Hurricane Ernesto (IRCT staffing)

President Ford Funeral (December)

An 8 member logistical support team was deployed to the grounds of the Capitol to establish a Base of Operation for another agency to provide medical care. This logistical support team was tasked with setting up four treatment tents with heat. This deployment lasted approximately 5 days.



State of the Union Address

We were deployed to the Capitol in Washington, D.C.  This deployment involved our team deploying a medical strike team and logistical support team. The medical support team traveled with our full basic load in the event that resources were needed.  Half of the medical strike team staged in the Capitol to be ready for a mass casualty among the dignitaries present. The other half of the medical strike team were staged to treat visitors to the Capitol, who were present for the address. The request for deployment came from the Office of the Attending Physician at the Capitol.



National Level Exercise #2, Fort Lewis Washington.

Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Ike

Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Service



Presidential Inauguration

Multiple H1N1 Vaccine missions including Delaware, Puerto and USVI –St Croix

July 4th on Washington DC Mall

Joint Session of Congress (September)



Haiti Earthquake

The first international mission for NJ-1 (and DMAT), NJ-1 deployed a complete team to Haiti within a few days of the earthquake. Some NJ-1 personnel worked on various strike team missions in Port Au Prince and with the US Coast Guard.  Ultimately the complete team joined with another DMAT to open a field hospital serving a tent city where tens of thousands of earthquake survivors had begun living.  The teams saw hundreds of patients and delivered several babies.

July 4th on Washington DC Mall


Hurricane Sandy

3 Paramedics from NJ-1 deployed on short notice towards the end of the response phase in December, back-filling open positions from other teams.  The medics joined medical strike teams working in the field in Staten Island and the Rockaways.


March on Washington - 50th Anniversary

An NJ-1 physician joined other NDMS and HHS staff in support of the National Park Service's medical coverage of this event.

Counter Terrorism Responses: 

Several specialty personnel have been deployed to undisclosed locations as part of the federal counter terrorism program in response to elevated risks.


NTSB Responses:

Members have been deployed to several NTSB investigation sites to assist with remains identification and recovery, and family assistance.