Training is an integral part of the NJ-1 DMAT. The team conducts meetings and hands-on training exercises each year, with the ultimate goal of making our members as well versed as possible in the areas of disaster medicine, field operations, and the NDMS equipment cache.


These exercises culminate with multi-day and often multi-team "Rough and Ready" Field Training Exercises (FTX), which provide team member the opportunity to simulate field living and working conditions that may be expected during a disaster deployment.


In addition to the hands-on training, all team members are required to complete several online courses through FEMA's Emergency Management Agency. These Courses include IS 100, 200, 700, & 800.


The team has also assisted with providing medical support for mass gathering events including air shows and federal high security events. Providing care at these events is not only a service to the public, it gives the team an opportunity to practice preparations for potential mass casualty situations.


In the past, the team has participated in several multi-agency exercises such as "Rescue at Bastogne" and "Patriot Medstar".  In the Summer of 2006, NJ-1 DMAT participated in an exercise with all NDMS teams of FEMA Region II. These multi-agency exercises simulate casualty clearing and evacuation of mass numbers of patients and give team members experience in utilizing various military assets for patient care and evacuation.



All team training programs are continuously evaluated for effectiveness using established educational practices. Every training activity is geared towards making the team as prepared for a deployment as possible.


For further information on training related issues, including drills and inter-agency training activities, please feel free to contact the team Training Officer.

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